Friday, March 13, 2009

Thee Final Week of Post Secret Blogging

This is thee final post about post secret. And with that how about we get started.

First off.

As someone who works as a cashier at the local Target in Heath, I just have to share my experience with people who bring in "green bags". When i begin scanning those items the customer on most occurances seem too have an almost smug way of saying "oh, i have a bag." And why this might seem like a bag thing for someone to act this way, I'm so for it. I think its great that people bring bags in as a way to help our enviornment. And in aspect they are right to be smug and superior when they are doing such a great thing to help our enviornment.

This one made me laugh. I live with two of my best friends who happen to be female. When you live with someone, they're eventually going to see you in your underwear and you become comfortable being around them in your underwear, at least thats how it is for me. From this, I have noticed that girls seem to be more judgemental of the underwear a guy wears. I now know the pairs that are more "attractive" to those who are a little more on the "relaxable" side. haha


  1. When I worked at Giant Eagle everyone hated when people brought in bags, because of more work to do. Really it was a great thing to do it save bags. Some guy told me that the reguar grocery bags were made out of oil. Then second picture is just

  2. Go Green or Go home. I think it's awesome that people want to help the environment. Funny post about the underwear..girls have a much better perspective on good style but in the end it's what makes the guy feel comfortable, not the style. haha.

  3. yea about the green bag i think that is nice that people can respect the environment and go green and as everybody know we all need to go green all the time.. bout the walking around the house in ur under wears is not cool at all i don't want to ever see some one walking around the house n just there under clothes NOOOO>>>>

  4. Well idk why my comment didnt post but like I said before this is funny and you always make me feel delighted when Im having a bad day, all I have to do is read you blogs then I know that I can have a good hearty laugh!

  5. this is really funny. good post! Go Green! yeah i also think it's great that people want to help but I wish I helped our with the environment more!