Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Let's Share

Ethan Ridenbaugh
English 109.02
Professor Boczkowski
16 March, 2009

Let’s Share

Over that last couple of months it was an assignment of my 109.02 English class to keep a well updated blog through out the quarter. When starting the assignment, I have to admit that I was a little skeptical. I was really unsure of what the idea was behind writing a blog and sharing our thoughts with both our classmates and the rest of the world. Not only were we sharing about ourselves, but only one specific topic, which only makes things more difficult. In the end, I’d like to say I have a grasp of why my professor chose this exercise. And why I now enjoy this brand new experience called blogging.

Like I said, I was kind of skeptical about this assignment; my friends were also skeptical when I explained the assignment to them. I knew that I had to go into this with an open mind and trust my professor with what he was trying to show us. Seeing as how last quarter we learned from creating our own secret identity on, I had to trust that in the end there would be reasoning for what we are doing. The topic I chose for the blog assignment was Post Secret.

Post Secret has been a “habit” of mine for about five years now. It was created as a community art project where people all around the world send in their dearest secrets on home made post cards. What I soon discovered coming into the assignment was that this is going to be a hard topic to keep both interest and momentum. Therefore, I turned it more into a weekly update of my thoughts and ideas of weekly post posted on the Post Secret website. I began to think, “great, how am I suppose to learn anything when my topic is so bold and narrow?!” What I come to realize, it is from this aspect that I learn my first lesson of the blogosphere.

One week, I was faced with the question of posting a questionable post secret then stating my thoughts, opinions, and experience on the secret. The secret read “I don’t want to admit I’m gay, because I still dream of becoming president.” (Posting Back: I Don’t Even Know What Week) This secret really hit home for me, seeing as how I am gay. Being gay, I face the constant worry of what people think about me and how their thoughts of me would change if they know that I’m gay. So after much deliberation, I decided to share this part of me not only with my class, but the world. And its from this, I can show how it is easier for people to be more true to themselves and share their thoughts because things are more comfortable when written. Have you ever wanted to tell someone something, but feel it would be easier if you wrote it out instead of saying it? I know it is for me. In fact, that’s how I came out to my mother. After sobbing for an hour, too afraid to say it, I was asked to write it down on a slip of paper; and it was easier. From this, Post Secret and blogging hit common ground. It is shown that it is easier to open up and share things when they are written.

This is why I believe people both read and write blogs. To share what they can’t share with anyone else on a comfortable level. Everyone wants to share their ideas; it’s what gives us a sense of purpose. It also, like Post Secret, gives a sense of not being alone; seeing as how we can find others writing about the same things we ourselves are.

I believe that I have learned a great deal from this blogging experiment. It was also really interesting getting to know my fellow classmates. Since we were commenting and sharing with each other on our blogs, we were able to see each others insight on all kinds of topics and really get to know each other. Everyone is capable to share their thoughts and are more comfortable doing so. Blogging truly is a great experience.

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Posing Back: I Don’t Even Know What Week. 13 February 2009. Ethan Ridenbaugh

Friday, March 13, 2009

Thee Final Week of Post Secret Blogging

This is thee final post about post secret. And with that how about we get started.

First off.

As someone who works as a cashier at the local Target in Heath, I just have to share my experience with people who bring in "green bags". When i begin scanning those items the customer on most occurances seem too have an almost smug way of saying "oh, i have a bag." And why this might seem like a bag thing for someone to act this way, I'm so for it. I think its great that people bring bags in as a way to help our enviornment. And in aspect they are right to be smug and superior when they are doing such a great thing to help our enviornment.

This one made me laugh. I live with two of my best friends who happen to be female. When you live with someone, they're eventually going to see you in your underwear and you become comfortable being around them in your underwear, at least thats how it is for me. From this, I have noticed that girls seem to be more judgemental of the underwear a guy wears. I now know the pairs that are more "attractive" to those who are a little more on the "relaxable" side. haha

Monday, March 9, 2009

First of All Let Me Say Damn

First of all let me say DAMN! I can’t believe somebody would do this to her she was so hot. But that is an exclusive picture who ever posted this has got serious BALLS… the cops are pissed they did not want this getting out. My question is did Chris brown really do it and why? That’s what I want to know. I heard it was because she gave him herpes, then I heard it was because she was beating his ass, and he got fed up with it and started whoppin her ass back; but you still don’t do this back to a girl. I guess the only TMZ that was on his mind was… Totally Mash Zat ass LMAO j/p.

Friday, February 27, 2009


This weeks postsecrets were good as always. You need to make sure to stop by and check them all out at

I think being clumsy is a great attribute. It can sometimes be a trait, or part of someones personality. I think being clumsy and people being clumsy makes things fun and more interesting.

This next post made me laugh out loud, literally. My roommates are constantly joking that their going to leave the bathroom door unlocked so we can join in on a "hot" shower. When I saw this post I was like damn! My roommates also had a good laugh at this post and how it relates to our story.

This last one I think everyone can relate to. When we were little everyone said "enjoy it while you can. Don'tbe in a hurry to grow up. Things only ge harder the older you get." I thought they were all crazy, but they were all right! Life only gets more hectic and stressful with all these added responsibilities. Just thought it was ironic i guess.
Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 20, 2009

College, Off Topic

This week we had to write a response about someone elses blog. I chose to write about Havens, being on my own, and the college lifestyle. I relate to Haven in the way that were in college and we are having a blast! In high school, things were very boring and not exciting at all. Now I can finally be myself and have fun! Living on my own is great, I get to go out when i want, be home when i want, and eat icecream everyday of the week(lol i did that anyways.) I go to partys and I make new friends. I'm finally out of hicktown Ohio and ready to be the real me and just have fun. I'm loveing the college lifestyle, it is the most fun I've had my entire life. And I can't help but look forward to years to come of the college life!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Posting Back: I Don't Even Know What Week.

This weeks Post Secrets didn't stand out to me except for one. And since Prof. wants me to try and write about only one Post Secret and how it pertains to me, this ones it. I have to say that I was a little skeptical to share this with the class on the way that I'll be treated. And thats kind of what this Post Secret talks about.

I'm unsure if my readers know, but I am gay. Everyday day I ponder on the way I would be treated on the basis of people knowing who I really am. People I interact with in classes I am unsure if they know my orientation and if they do, does it bother them? I also always wonder if being gay will hold me back in the things I want to accomplish in my life. I mean I don't want to be president, but I do want to be successful. And thats what the post secret is about. Its a scary thought waking up everyday and not knowing how you might be treated that day. It really is a form of segregation. I don't put it out there for everyone to see and I act just like everyone else, but if they knew, would things be different? Maybe these thoughts of segregation bother me so much because of my background. I came from a very conservative and traditional community. And i know how the people in that community though of it, it just bothers me.

After thinking about it for quite sometime I decided to post this secret. I figured it doesn't in the end matter what anyone knows or thinks about me. If they still like me and want to be friends then thats great, and if they don't, then thats too bad. I hope that one day I can feel like the person I love doesn't make a difference on the person I am.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

This quarter we are to write blogs about something happening in our lives. I will be doing a weekly blog post on my ideas and opinions of I was unsure of what I was going to talk about seeing as how I doubt I’m much different than anyone else. But Post Secret is something that I have been involved with for many years and it is a topic I feel comfortable and knowledgeable in. Post Secret is an on going experiment that has a recent update weekly. It involves people all over the world sending their deepest, most horrific, hilarious, and invoking secrets on postcards. It started out as a public art project and has grown into a world renowned interest. Each postcard is crafted with its creator’s art and secrets.

I have been a post secret follower from the beginning, before Frank published five books and traveled across country in art Museums and exhibits. My Cousin Hannah is an avid supporter of Post Secret and who influenced my interest in Post Secret. She also visited one of the exhibits that displayed some of the most explicit and enlightening secrets in the world. He talks about how the project began, post secrets that have touched him personally, and what post secret really means. She also spoke to me about how it feels like you’re surrounded by the kindest and accepting people possible; it must be true because even the coarsest people will have to be letting go and opening the hearts and minds to these post secrets.

I often save many of the post secrets that are posted on the site to my computer, in case I ever need to look back for comfort or just for a laugh. I have bought all four of the Post Secret books. I love owning these books because it is so much fun to get to share them with others. Reading along with someone or a group of people and opening up ourselves to agree with a secret or to laugh along to one opens up a relationship in a personal level. On one occasion, after I had just bought the second book, I started to read it with my best friend Megan. I remember us sitting on my bedroom floor with a bowl of popcorn anticipating the book just as most people do with a movie. We sat down together and started to read. We came to one post secret saying, “I ate the blue berries, and they were delicious.” After seeing this we couldn’t help but laugh. We started talking about a moment in time where I stole all the cookies that were sent over with her mom and over indulged myself in them with out sharing a single one with anyone else. We also came to post secrets involving abuse, broken hearts, and losing family members to cancer. These post secrets over whelmed us. When we read Post Secrets such as those I can feel a drop or lack of air in my chest, an unfamiliar numbness through my body. It makes me feel alive, more human. We continued reading and shared stories to one another about how the post secrets relate to us in our lives. I learned more about Megan that day and we truly opened our hearts up to one another. Megan said that “it gave her a reason to be emotional.” What I think she meant by this was that everyone needs a good way of letting their emotions flow. Some people listen to music that fits their mood, while others punch a pillow. In away Post Secret was our very own counselor in a book, allowed us to open up and talk to our dearest friends. It has been three years since this occurred but we still share the greatest bond as best friends that I have ever known with anyone. The post secret experience is truly amazing.

I choose to do this based on the fact that Post Secret is something that I believe can help a person. It always has given me the idea that there is someone out there that you can always relate too. You are never alone. And something about hearing people’s secrets makes me feel personable. And I think that it would be something people could show an interest in. So every week I will be sharing my ideas on the secrets posted for that week. Post Secrets that I think stand out the most and are my favorite of the group, along with ones that I feel like I can relate too or just find humoring.

Week 4. Comment Please.

So the Post Secrets this week were okay i guess. I didn't connect to much of them and if I did I really don't feel like sharing it with everyone else.
So here's the first one.
I thought this Post Secret was interesting. It opened my eyes and made me wonder what all secrets do we all hide from each other, even secret lives. What habits do people have and they hide from their closest loved ones. I won't tell you mine, but I will tell you that I do have one. I think that every person does. It makes me wonder about the people closest to me and their secrets. And I ponder the whole story behind this couple.

Eating Disorders. I'm not really sure what I want to say about it. I think there are more reasons behind an eating disorder than there is for the reason that the person thinks they're over weight. They might say they're doing it because of their weight; however, I think it could deal with issus of control in their life. Or it might just be that the person enjoys the feeling of clearing out their stomach.

It's a topic that I think a lot of people deal with. I'm sure that everyone has had an eating disorder of some form, even if they don't know it. Or at least know someone who has had one.

This one I found quite interesting. Do I take into mind the actions of my mother or father and wonder if I'll be the same way? All the time. And I think that no one wants to be like their parents, not exactly. Everyone wants something better, and something far from what their parents had.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Posting Back: Week 3

This weeks Post Secrets were very oriented in their sensitivity as usual. We had some very funny ones- some very sensitive ones- and some very that were rather creepy. Make sure to go check out the postsecrets for yourself.

The first one reminded of a conversation I had with a friend back in High School. This very exuberent and energetic, conservative cheerleader friend of mine expressed to me that she has hugged her mother once her whole life and her dad none at all. It astonished me! I guess things are different for other families. But my family was always nothing but hugs and kisses every time we part. It just blows my mind.

I use to draw all of the time. It was one of my favorite things to do. But over the last year I found myself doing it less and less. And its almost complicated now. I don't quite understand it.

I miss being ridicously ticklish. =[

I thought that this was pretty funny. I mean who wouldn't do this if that had the access to an ex's condom stash?!

And thats my choices for this week. Hope you all enjoyed them, and i hope for some comments. =]

Friday, January 23, 2009

Posting Back: Week 2

This weeks post were pretty bland. None of them really threw me off guard or gave me a chill. There were some funny ones though. Make sure to go and check them out for yourself.

Who hasn't freaked out when someone didn't reply back quick enough to a text? I kind of have an intense texting addiction. Like coc-heads to their coc, there is Ethan to his cell phone, never seperated and always texting.

Sadly, I have to say I agree with this post secret. I still can't fathom the fact that one day I too will die. I don't understand death at all and I think its impossible to become completely non-exsistant. Your energy must go somewhere, energy can not be destroyed. But anywho, I thought that it was interesting.

This one just kind of opened my ideas and thought about the different reasons why drug addicts do the things they do.

If you have never watched people in traffic, then you really must try it. And maybe even ponder, where are they going?

This one reminded me of when i went on a trip to Austraila in High School. We spent three weeks there and on the last night all the "in" crowd of the group went to one of the hotel rooms for a final party. Upon me and my roomates arriving I noticed that one of the girls from my high school was on the bed undercovers with a guy. And there was a good idea of the dirty deed they were up to. I come to find out she lost her virginity that night. Which now I'm kind of jealous. She had a crazy experience in Austraila, when else will that chance every happen?

I just thought that this one was funny. It had to of been an AMAZING night!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Posting Back: This Weeks Post Secrets.

Hello! A lot of this weeks post secrets seemed to hit home for me. Which made me feel good.Like I said before, makes you feel like your not the only person out there who is struggling, who has those issues.
I'll start with this one. Fo some reason I believe that this is becoming pretty common. If I were to get married I'd also would get a secret account. With todays economy who could afford a divorce and not have something as back up? And it would be quite the slam when you tell your fellow divorce that you'll be fine because you have plenty of money thats been hidden away from them for the last couple years.

Next. I had to post this one. You might think its T.M.I. but don't knock it till you try it. Going commando can be fun!

I also had to display this one. Seeing how this is a blog, and it just makes sense. People that post all their info. on a blog and then are amazed to see someone who fascinatingly knows everything about them. I've seen this done.

This one seemed to strike home with me. The economy right now scares me tremendously. I have never been poor or anything. Always had money for what i needed and mostly what i wanted. But since I've moved out my bank account has depleited a lot, and its scares the hell out of me. I'm one of those few people that believe money can buy you happiness. I mean how can it not when we live in a world where everything is for sale. Not being able to go out and buy a new movie based on the fact that i want it and having to keep tabs on my money has been driving me crazy!

Lastly is this one. This post secret really did me in. I've been dating someone for seven months now and after our five i was told that there was still feelings for the ex. I was very upset by this seeing how "in love" I was. So we decided that we would wait until the feelings became mutual. But my feelings have seemed to vanish. Maybe because of the hurt i was put through, I'm not sure. But now the significant other is getting those feelings for me. Now I see myself saying "I wish we could have loved each other at the same times." Maybe Ashley can help me with this one.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Posting Back: A Post Secret Blog

Hello. My name is Ethan Ridenbaugh. My blog subject for this class is PostSecret. But even more so inclusive Post Secret has been around for a number of years. It started as a public art experiment and has been ever since growing. Post Secret is a constantly building colaberation of Post Cards all over the world. People all over the world share their secrets in an artistic form on a post card. In a way this brings unity to the world. In some way or another a person feels alone at some point and a person sharing their secret anonomously gifts a person with the idea that their not alone in the world. And when you share a secret with the world, but keep your identity hidden you would feel like you are giving yourself a clean slate and nothing to hide. Which makes a person feel better about themselves. Since the project began the owner of the experiment Frank Warren, has published four books and travels all over the United States. He travels to museums and exhibits displaying and explaining the importance of secrets. How in away secrets make up a part of us. And what sharing and hearig a secret means, how peronble that is. Some of these secrets show the most personal sides of a persons life, while others maybe humorous in nature. And there is no experience like reading post secrets along with someone. If its either to laugh together or symapthize together. I love sharing my Post Secret books with my friends. They are always enjoyable to talk about and always tend to tug at your interest. So each week i plan to give my ideas and opinions on that weeks post secret post, or post secret in general. I will be sharing which ones i find humoring, along with ones that I might relate to.




one from this weeks post.