Friday, February 27, 2009


This weeks postsecrets were good as always. You need to make sure to stop by and check them all out at

I think being clumsy is a great attribute. It can sometimes be a trait, or part of someones personality. I think being clumsy and people being clumsy makes things fun and more interesting.

This next post made me laugh out loud, literally. My roommates are constantly joking that their going to leave the bathroom door unlocked so we can join in on a "hot" shower. When I saw this post I was like damn! My roommates also had a good laugh at this post and how it relates to our story.

This last one I think everyone can relate to. When we were little everyone said "enjoy it while you can. Don'tbe in a hurry to grow up. Things only ge harder the older you get." I thought they were all crazy, but they were all right! Life only gets more hectic and stressful with all these added responsibilities. Just thought it was ironic i guess.
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  1. talk about clumsy i am very clumsy. Thats what my boyfriend likes about me the most. Which i don't know why. He says that i'm so care free and i don't pay attention and that's probably why i'm clumsy. That's what attracted him to me i guess thats what he says. Who knows right. Your right that is a triat that people have